our passion

The passion of Hoosier Hills echoes in our motto — “It is easier to build boys and girls than to repair men and women.” It seeks to be a reflection of God’s plan when He says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Though exciting, the greatest testimony is not when an adult comes to Christ after years of sinful living; the greatest testimony is when a child comes to Christ, is spared from years of sin, and is set apart for service his entire life. We believe that as we lift up Christ, preach His infallible Word, and pray for His favor, God’s passion for reaching young people will be fulfilled at Hoosier Hills Baptist Camp.

our past

Hoosier Hills Baptist Camp began in 1971 when the Lord burdened Dr. Clarence Doyle with the need to reach boys and girls with the Gospel of Christ. Under Christian Outreach, Inc., property was originally secured with the intention of establishing a boys and girls home. But the Lord had other plans. As pastors and churches expressed their desire for a Baptist camp ministry, Dr. Doyle began what is now known as Hoosier Hills Baptist Camp. Over forty-five years later, God’s blessing upon faith and obedience is evident; literally thousands have been saved and impacted through this ministry.

Learn more about Dr. Clarence Doyle by ordering a copy of his life story From the Battlefield to the Harvest Field.

Our position

As a ministry, core truths guide our service. While this list does not detail all our beliefs, we deem these necessary to co-labor with churches.

  • We preach faith in Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection as the only way of salvation.
  •  We are Baptist in doctrine, history, and philosophy.
  • We use only the King James version.
  • We hold that preaching is the God-ordained means of reaching the heart. Our prayer is for Bible saturated messages to be preached by Spirit- filled, passionate preachers.
  • We emphasize thriving relationships with Christ, Biblical soul-winning and service, and separation from sin.
  • We believe in local churches and their pastoral authority, and that they take precedent in each camper and worker that comes.

Our Premise

We strongly believe camp ministry is one of the many wakes still lapping from the powerful Camp Revival Meetings of years ago. During these times, God would bless, thousands would be saved, and revival would be stirred as people, communities, and churches would gather, for sometimes weeks, to hear the evangelist thunder “Thus saith the Lord.”

Hoosier Hills Baptist Camp exists today to see Revival continue. Started by an evangelist and continued by one, the camp functions under the ministry of the evangelist in co-laboring with pastors and in serving local churches.

Our Property

Hoosier Hills Baptist Camp is located on thirty-eight acres of land in beautiful southeastern Indiana near the town of Versailles. God has blessed in allowing our camp to be less than 85 miles from Indianapolis, IN, Louisville, KY, and Cincinnati, OH.

Our facilities include a dining hall, a tabernacle, air-conditioned dormitories and log cabins, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, basketball courts, and sports fields. The facilities are also available for church and group rentals. Please contact the camp for further information.

Our Provision

Hoosier Hills Baptist Camp is a faith-based ministry which relies upon the the Lord to supply its spiritual, material, and financial needs. God is the Supplier, and He has used people faithfully over these forty years to meet the multiple needs of the ministry. God’s people have sacrificed time, labors, resources, and money to see the work of the Lord continue. A huge thank you to all who have had a part in this work through giving and volunteering, and a huge thank you to those who continue to give to see people reached for Christ.

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