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There is no place that offers a more eclectic and dynamic opportunity to serve the Lord than summer camp. At Hoosier Hills, you will be in 7 weeks of full-time ministry, impacting churches and lives and bringing glory to Christ! Your life will be changed as you yield to Him and serve others! Consider applying!

HHBC utilizes the labor and gifts of around 35 volunteers each summer. Listed below are the two basic positions with brief descriptions that we are looking for as well as information on expense allowances.

If you believe God would have you to be a part of the summer ministry team, please click the application link, fill it out and submit, then have your references fill out their form with the above/below link. We accept applications after January 1 and consider them on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please allow time for us to notify you of our prayerful decision. Visit our Contact page for mailing address or to contact us with questions.

position Descriptions

Work Directly with Campers
Work Behind the Scenes


At the core of our spiritual impact lies the team of counselors God brings every year to minister to the children and teens. We desire to have around 18 guy and girl counselors to run our program effectively. Your responsibilities include leadership of a cabin of 6-12 campers, joining in on their games, taking them to activities, motivating their energy, and most importantly, encouraging them spiritually. Outside of the preaching of God’s Word, the counselors have the most impact on young people’s lives.
Those desiring to work as a counselor are required to be graduates of high school and though we enjoy helping those who are planning to attend or are in Bible college, enrollment in college is not required. Other characteristics include an intense desire for ministry, flexibility, patience, diligence, people skills, and a teachable spirit.


We seek approximately 15 girls and guys, ages 15-18, to help with the hands-on labor of the camp. Work Staff are involved in property and building maintenance, cleaning, activity setup, kitchen, meals and various other camp tasks. The position requires selflessness, diligence, sacrifice, and a teachable spirit.
Though work staff responsibilities are primarily behind-the-scene, opportunities will certainly be available to impact young people’s life through music, counseling, and interaction. No previous work experience is required.
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Expense Allowance

Ministry at Hoosier Hills is viewed on a volunteer basis. It is not employment. However, we do try to help take care of expenses for your service as well as try to assist those headed to Bible College.

Follow the link at the top of this page to view our Expense Allowance Sheet.

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